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A Simple Story

of Duality (2020)

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This is the story of A., a girl in her 30s, discovering that life is not what she thought it was.

She finds herself in the middle between a woman and a man, a gender issue that will undermine her concept of reality forever.

After this earthquake, she leaves her boyfriend, quits her job and flies overseas towards unknown lands.

There, the sweet illusion of fleeing from her problems gets dissolved when she has to face them again.

She looks forward to a change that never happens. Her disillusion and mild depression turn into sickness. She questions the true nature of reality, and feels disembodied and evanescent.

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She feels like she had bumped her head.

Through pain and bleeding, she thinks to have discovered the real and only truth of this universe: nothing matters at all.

She commits suicide, dying at the age of 30.

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